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©2019 by Dream Trance Invasion.

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A Peaceful Meditation

Our latest release "Turn a Light On For You" is a peaceful meditation that brings to light forgiveness, understanding and reflection. During these difficult times we are given a clear spotlight into what is really important to us all. This track features elegant back up vocals from Sarah Siddiqui.

We are here with three new tracks all featuring new vocalist and collaborator Andrea Matchett. Andrea's voice is a perfect blend for DTI and we're looking forward to working together more in the future. For now enjoy these open and spacious songs.

  • DTI

Is summer gone? Dream Trance Invasion are excited to release their latest single “High On The Wind”. Meghaan LeBlanc returns once again to do backing vocals with a beautiful performance. The texture and landscape of this track eluminate the seasons of change we all go through on our journey through life. With every high comes a low, and it becomes important to make your connections with others. Enjoy our latest release.

Make your connection or time will chain you up and pass you by.